When responding to customer consent requests 

The Route Management tab shows the route submitted by the customer and forwarded to the Road Manager for a decision by the Regulator. Route Management has superseded Journey Planner.

Using the Route Management tab you can:

  • Review the proposed route and move to the DECISIONS tab or
  • Propose an alternate route using the Route Management tools outlined below.

  1. With Case Tracker open, select the required Permit Case No from the table, then select Route Management from the tabs. 

    PLAN Tab

  2. View the proposed route plan.

  3. View other routes that have been proposed for this case using the Route History drop down toggle.
  4. Propose an alternate route if required.

    1. Select the 'Add waypoints' icon on the map.
    2. To move route or waypoints, rollover any point on the route and click to Drag and Drop. 

    3. Use the Drop-pin (blue when on/ black when off)  to add new waypoints to your route or rollover any point on the route to Drag & Drop a waypoint.

    4. Delete any routes or waypoints using trash or edit the waypoint to change the waypoint label.

    5. Drawing and measuring tools are also available, see Article.

  5. Click SAVE ALT button to add your proposed alternate route to the route history.

    OPTIONS Button 

  6. To view or change Routing preference or Routing constraints go to the OPTIONS tab and select/deselect as needed.


  7. If your Route is not displaying, use the RECALCULATE Button.

    ROADS Tab

  8. Use the expand/ collapse icon to see the list of roads under each road owner.  Click on any road to add notes specific to that road, such as local road name.

    LAYERS Tab

  9. You can use the slide tool to toggle the colours on the route layer or map layer. 

  10. On this tab, you can also view and turn on/off the map layers. Use the Layer legend for a grouped view of available layers or the Layer list.

  11. To turn on all layers, tick 'Show all layers'. 

Map layers can be selected from either the LAYERS tab or the Stack icon for the Layers list. As these are linked, selections made in one list will also show in the other. The LAYERS tab view allows you to still see the full map when switching layers on/off.


Finally, select the SUMMARY tab where the Road summary will display.  Add any notes related to the application.