Release 4.4.0 - February 2019

(Minor release)

Release Features

WEBINAR - a webinar recording will be available for viewing from the 18/2/2019.

Registration Module - Share records (User: Customer)

This new feature gives customer the ability to share registration records with one or many other users. Customers have the flexibility to set expiry dates on access to their registration records as well as activating and deactivating (archiving) user access. This will be useful for customers who use subcontractors within their business and supports information sharing to meet chain of responsibility requirements.

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Access Module - Conditions Library (User: Road Manager)

Further improvements available to the process of Road Managers ‘approving with conditions’.

Top 3 changes in this release:

1. ‘Add Standard Condition’ tab renamed to ‘Add Condition’
Under this tab, all standard and approved custom conditions are listed. 
A new button is available to add a condition from the list to a set.
2. New rules apply to condition sets
Sharing conditions is locked and conditions can be added manually.
Changing any variables on a condition set only applies to the permit specific set. Note: other permits are not updated.
When a condition set is removed, conditions remain visible in the Conditions Library.
3. Standard conditions are not able to be edited
Please submit a custom condition if required.