(Major release)

Release Features - Road Managers

Standard Conditions Import Template

A standard condition applied to a case and edited, using a CSV file import template. This may be helpful for managing a large set of conditions that apply to road assets, such as bridges.

These edited standard conditions will only apply and be viewed at case level (not available in the Conditions library). Any edited standard conditions will carry across when the permit is renewed or amended. 

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When adding conditions to permit consents, please continue use the Conditions Library and build up your custom conditions, rather than uploading PDF documents. This will be a future time saver when permits are amended or renewed.

Route Planner

The boundaries are now up to date with the published administrative boundaries, including changes resulting from Local Government Area Amalgamations. View layers by selecting the check box, Route Planner > Layers > Boundaries.

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New Look Permit

A new permit template is being introduced by the NHVR over the coming months. There are minor changes to the template, so that it aligns with the data fields in the NHVR Portal. Being a gradual process, for a time there will be two styles of permits in use. This new template will improve processing efficiency, automating some of the permit generation process.