A standard condition can be applied to a case and edited, just for a specific case. This may be helpful for managing conditions that apply to bridges. These edited standard conditions will not be available in the Conditions library as they are only viewed at Case level. 

  1. With the case open, Case Tracker> Decisions tab
  2. Select Approval with conditions.

  3. Open the Add Standard conditions tab > Download import template (located under the import from CSV file button).

    For advanced users, if your system exports bridge data as a CSV file you can use this to import. Simply add the headings and the related standard code and save to a CSV file format.

  4. The template will open in excel with ten (10) fields available to add variable data to the standard condition. Listed as 'Field 1, Field 2, Field 3... and so on.

    Complete only the number of Fields required. Fields in the import template can be left blank.

    How to complete the template

  5. Open the csv file import template in Excel.

  6. In the NHVR Portal, find the standard condition you wish to edit.

  7. Copy the Standard condition code into 'Column A Standard Condition' on the import template.

  8. In the NHVR Portal, select ADD to view the condition details. The first field in the standard condition relates to 'Column B, Field 1' in the import template. The second field in the standard condition relates to 'Column C, Field 2' in the import template... and so on. Make note of the field names then select Cancel to close the pop up window.

  9. Update the import template with the new information relating to the fields for the standard condition. Save to your computer.

  10. In the NHVR Portal, select Import from CSV File and upload the import template. 

  11. On import, a pop-up will display showing the status of 'success' or 'error'. If an error appears, edit the template based on the error comment. Once status shows 'success', select OK to complete the import.

  12. The edited standard condition will now appear as a condition on the Case.

    This edited standard condition will carry across when the permit is renewed or amended.