Release 4.3.0 - January 2019

(Minor release)

Release Features - Customers & Road Managers

New Look Permit for PBS Applications

The new permit template is now being introduced for PBS Applications. There are minor changes to the template, so that it aligns with the data fields in the NHVR Portal.

Being a gradual process, for a time there will be two styles of permits in use. This new template will improve processing efficiency, automating some of the permit generation process.

Portal Feedback

It is standard practice for modern systems to include a FEEDBACK feature, so that users have the opportunity to have input to the product development at any time.

The NHVR Portal now includes a FEEDBACK feature. The NHVR is seeking your feedback to improve the online experience for all NHVR Portal users.

Using the new ‘FEEDBACK’ button located on the right of the Portal screen, you can:
• rate your Portal experience
• select a specific area on a screen to provide direct comments about
• provide your email address in case we require clarification from you.

You can provide feedback using this feature as many times as you like.

View the related Help Article.

Improvements and Bug Fixes - Customers & Road Managers

Road Manager & Customer Module

  • Icon replaced in table search
  • 'Contains' filter error fixed in table search
  • Page refresh after applying filters tested and reapplied (Registration Module)
  • 'Policy Link' now accessible before selecting 'Approval Type'
  • Coding fix to Permit date being displayed in notification emails 
  • Recalculation of Road Manager workflow performance when decision is cancelled

Road Manager Module

  • Start Decision Button removed to align with the recent changes to the draft permit consent process
  • Reminder text added to the file upload function at the point of consent decision