** New feature available in upcoming Release 4.4.0

  • ‘Registration shares’ gives customers the ability to share registration records with one or many other users, saving time and the need to share this information via email and pdfs.
  • Sharing will display information that is already publicly available.
  • This feature is useful for customers who use subcontractors within their business and supports information sharing to meet chain of responsibility requirements.
  • Customers have the flexibility to set expiry dates on access to their registration records as well as activating and deactivating (archiving) user access.

Navigate to Registrations> Registrations shares

Shared with me

  1. You can receive registration records from any other user in the NHVR Portal.
  2. Records 'Shared with me' will display in a table format.

  3. View a summary of the shared information in the administration table, Shared with me admin.

  4. Change the column order, columns displayed in the table or add tabs as needed (see Set up your table views/ Tables and tabs/ Using filters on tables)

Shared with others

  1. You can send registration records to any other user in the NHVR Portal.
  2. All records shared with others (Active, Expired and Archived) will be listed in a table view.

To set up a 'Shared with others', select ADD SHARE to open the set up wizard, which includes 3 easy to follow steps.

STEP 1 - Vehicles
Select the individual registrations to share.

STEP 2 - Share fields
Decide on the level of information to share - limited or extended. 

Selecting the button will display the definition of what is shared.

STEP 3 - Share details

Finalise the Share details, adding the Customer share number and other details.

It is recommended that an expiry is set when Sharing with Others, otherwise the information remains visible indefinitely. To stop sharing registrations when no expiry is set, use Archive.