Tasks tab

Use the TASKS tab to:

  • View a list of all tasks for the consent request including the assignee, due date and status.
  • Manage multiple users and actions on a consent request within your organisation by creating tasks, due dates and assigning them to individuals.
  • Add task - select Add Task on right hand side to add a consent request task. Note: assignee must be a user on the account.
  • Assign a task - tasks can be assigned to those associated with the consent request using the Assigned To drop down list.
    • Select the type of task from the Request / response template drop down list, eg. Assessment Task.
    • Files can be attached to tasks as required using the Add File button.
  • Re-assign a task - a task that has been allocated to an individual can be re-assigned to another.
  • All of these details will be captured against the case and displayed on the TIMELINE tab.