Overview of an Account

Account types

There are three account types:

  1. Partner – represents Road Managers

  2. Customer – represents operators requiring Access permits

  3. Regulator – represents the NHVR

Each account in the portal is created with an Australian Business Number (ABN), the entity’s details are uploaded from the Australian Business Register (ABR).

Accounts and Users

It is recommended that you have a minimum of two administrator users on your account.  All account configuration and invitations can only be done by an administrator.

An account:

  • Is recognised as an organisation or entity within the Portal.

  • Must have at least one Administrator user associated with it, however it is recommended there be at least two.

  • has Workgroups and flags can be configured for the account to aid in the filtering of cases.

  • has 'members' or Users are associated with accounts in the Portal

  • when membership of the account is active, the users are listed as 'active users'

Specific details to Partner accounts:

  • Users must be invited to join the account rather than users requesting to join the account.
  • Users can have one of the following user permissions: Administrator, User (Supervisor), User (General) and User (Read Only).


User Permissions matrix on Help Centre